Origins of ISM

Origins of The ISM

THE INSTITUTE FOR SELF-MASTERY began at our Brooklyn Brownstone as the ‘Youth Academy’ of our University of Kemetian Sciences (, in response to passionate requests by parents who were students of our Metaphysical Psychology and Classical Naturopathy Courses.

In the latter months of 1985, towards the end of the Summer session of our adult courses, one such parent who brought his young son to a class remarked that the boy had found the classes very interesting and wished he could have participated in the sessions from the beginning. In fact, his son had wished they taught courses like ours at his public school.

The boy was 13 years of age.

This turned out to be but one of dozens of requests by both parents and youth alike who visited our Center, all of whom had expressed their dissatisfaction with the current lack of true education they were experiencing in the public-school system.

Inspired by the prospects of reaching the youth to teach the higher principles of our ancient ‘KeMetaphysical Sciences’, I set about the task of re-tooling the adult curriculum to appeal to the 7 to 16-year age demographic, and soon had small groups of youngsters eagerly participating in advanced subject matter that most would never believe our youth would be interested in.

Today, like our University of Kemetian Sciences that set the pace as the first virtual educational medium of its kind, the Institute for Self-Mastery was converted from a small, humble “brick and mortar” establishment in Brooklyn, to a Nation-wide, virtual home-educational venue in keeping with the advancements in tele-communications technology today, as well as the demands for a higher quality of educational services criminally lacking in today’s ‘outcome-based’ system of “indoctrinational education.”

  – Dr. Phillip Valentine


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