Dr. Rkhty Amen

Medu Neter  Kemetologist, Linguist, Hmt-Ntr

Dr. Rkhky Amen

Rkhty Amen has taught Mdu Ntr for 30 years. Many of her students have become teachers of Medu Neter. She is a much in demand lecturer on various topics related to Kemet, and has lectured in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Dr. Rkhty is the author of several publications; among these are: The Writing System of Medu Neter, Kemetic Name Book, The Kemetic Calendar Project, A Life Centered Life Living MAAT, Mejat Wefa, Mdu Ntr Conversation Book, Journey of the Ba Mystery of Transformation – A Guide for Conducting Kemetic Funerals and articles published in The Journal of African Civilizations, among other journals. Her articles and papers are written on a variety of topics concerning Kemet including

comparative languages, Medu Neter, Women in Kemet, Kemetic Spirituality, the Kemetic calendar and the philosophy of translation. She is also a contributor to the ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations) African World History Project.

Dr. Rkhty is one of the cofounders of The Kemetic Institute in Chicago Illinois and of ASCAC, founder of The Institute of Kemetic Philology, and an instructor of Medu Neter for the University of Kemetian Sciences and for the Institute of Self Mastery.

Dr. Rkhty (Wimby) Amen studied Egyptian Hieroglyphs in the PHD program at the University of Chicago, Oriental Institute, Department of Near Eastern Studies. There, she studied under Dr. Edward Wente, Dr. Kalus Baer and Dr. Helene Kantor. However, as with any school experience, learning really began afterward. Rkhty also studied at the University of Illinois where she majored and received a degree in Linguistics. At the University of Illinois, she studied Chinese, French, German and Hebrew, and went on to study Hebrew at Spertus College of Jewish Studies in Chicago Illinois. Furthermore, she has studied several African languages on her own. Dr. Rkhty has translated two linguistic books by Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop from French into English. In the 1970s when the study of Kemet and Medu Neter first became accessible to African scholars, Rkhty was among a group of scholars at the Kemetic Institute, (including Dr. Jacob Carruthers) who began studying Medu Neter on their own.

Language learning is a lifelong endeavor and love for her. Dr. Rkhty is proficient in reading the ancient language of Medu Neter (ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs).

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